Du Du
Judith is the youngest of my sisters, she'll like that, but even from the depths of Bavaria I can almost hear Wendy limbering up to give me a damn good slap!

Judith with one of her many trophies  Judith is the only sporty one of the family. She was a champion swimmer but in those days went under the nomme de plume (there's posh) of Judy Turnbull. She swam for England in the Commonwealth Games, held in Jamaica in a year that I'm sure that she would rather that I didn't write here.

Anyway, I was very young at the time and so proud to have a famous sister that I could brag about. I remember sitting in the chair at the barbers (see - it was a long time ago - I had hair) and casually remarking:
"My sister's going to Jamacia"

The Barber politely asked:
"Is she swimming there?"

In true Basil Brush style I replied
"No she's going by aeroplane - boom boom!"
Judith is married to Michael who farms on the west coast of Ireland. This means that Michael and Judith are the only ones in the family who can claim to be part of the 'Landed Gentry', especially as they have their own private beach!

Being a farmer, Michael has a fund of useful sayings and advice. My favourite was when I was trying to loosen something on the car and he told me:
"I think what it needs is a light tap with something heavy"
 Farmer Michael
Judith making hay while the sun shines  Judith has had to adapt from being an English Swimmer known as 'Judy', through being a Nursery Teacher known as 'Miss Judith' to being a farmer's wife as shown in the photo, Putting this picture on the Web is known as 'pushing your luck'

I guess the next time that I meet Judith and Wendy together, it is going to turn into a regular slap fest!

Interestingly, the note on the back of the original photo said:
'Guess what I told Andrew to do with the fecking camera!' So I guess Andrew is the one that needs a slap - in my opinion.
Talking of Andrew, Judith and Michael have four children as shown in the picture. They are a little older now but I liked them at this age because they still called me 'Uncle Stephen' and not 'Fat Old Bastard'

I will get round to making pages for them all but just to introduce them:

Andrew is top left, he is the oldest (and boy is he old now!)

Patsy Ann is bottom left and has threatened me with a chinese burn if I reveal her age, so I will point out that the order of introducing them is purely random

Mark is top right and is now much taller; possibly, and I don't want to start any fights, even taller than Andrew

Kieran is bottom right and now knows many more rebel songs than he did then.
 The Val Doonican Band